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This morning I received my daily email from Yahoo Mail, known as “Your Daily Yahoo.” Anyone with a Yahoo email account should recognize what I’m talking about, unless you’ve unsubscribed. Usually all of the stories are about the Kardashians and the red carpet, but today there was something unlike the usual tabloid junk. Apparently, Target is under massive scrutiny for the screen print tee picture above.

Just a few days ago I was shopping at Target and actually saw this shirt for myself in person. It was in a collection of other t-shirts the read things like “Bride,” “Wifey” and “Mrs.” I personally thought nothing of it, except why can’t my boyfriend propose to me already so I can wear cute screen printed tees. I went about my shopping and didn’t give it a second thought. So today, I was definitely interested to read why this shirt had become such a big deal.

As a disclaimer, I will say that as a woman, I am 250% for equal rights. I, in no way support misogyny and am a very independent woman myself. I also, however, have heard the term “trophy wife” several times in my life, starting at a very young age, so I am familiar with the meaning and what this shirt is portraying. When I think of this term, I think back to the 50’s and the picture perfect housewife, a June Cleaver if you will.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Photo Courtesy: Google Images

So upon opening up and reading the story, I had my own biases. So what if a woman wants to wear a shirt that says “Trophy” and what if she does think of herself that way? Maybe she just wants to wear this on their honeymoon to let people know about her newlywed status. I proceed to open and read about how many see this t-shirt as anti-feminist and how it sends the wrong message to young girls who shop at Target. Target stands by their product with claims that they never intended to offend anyone and that it’s just a silly little tee that was made for fun. Many showed support, and many also showed outrage. In the end, I feel like as a society we have come so far from June Cleaver days, that it may just be best to let the brides wear their “Trophy” tees if they want, and inform the young girls of our society that they are not prizes to be obtained. By banning the shirt, it’s essentially telling women they can’t wear something and that is a step in the wrong direction for the feminist movement. Check out Yahoo’s coverage here and let me know what you think!