Photo courtesy: Chickfila

Every year, Chick-Fil-A hosts “Cow Appreciation Day” for their most loyal customers. If you haven’t heard, you must dress like a cow and show up to your local Chickfila on their set day for a free meal. This year, it took place on Tuesday, July 14th. It always takes place on a Tuesday, and partial costumes do not qualify. Check out the FAQ’s and official rules here. At any rate, I love to see everyone’s costumes, although I’ve never participated myself. Here are a few examples of the costumes I took from Chickfila’s website, you can see more at the link above.


I chose to write about Cow Appreciation Day because I think Chickfila is a very unique company, in that they remain very traditional, both in their values as well as the way they operate. For example, in my lifetime they haven’t changed their logo and they do no commercial advertising. They’re menu has hardly changed, because people love what is tried and true. Their methods have really worked for them and I think Cow Appreciation Day is a great way to get their customers involved and excited about a little change from the norm. Eat Mor Chikin!