Photos courtesy of Texas Humor

As a native Texan I can personally say that there’s nothing Texans love more than Texas. We love everything that has to do with Texas, symbolizes Texas, and especially all things Texas-shaped. So this post is going to focus on one of my favorite Texas companies and their marketing/advertising strategies.

Oh, where to start with Texas Humor. I found this company from an Instagram page believe it or not. They have hilarious posts that anyone from Texas can totally relate to. From our taco obsession to the hotter-than-hell summers, all Texans that follow this page are sure to get a great laugh. They aren’t just an Instagram page however. They are a clothing company that makes screen print tees, hats, and decals like the one pictured above, so naturally, Texans are obsessed. This evening I got an email from them and the subject line read; “You can trust me…” Intrigued, I opened the email and saw this image:


It’s hard to read, but in fine print in the top left corner it says “Seriously y,all….” and then the shirt says “Trust me. I’m Texan” and pictured below the photo was a code for 10% off. I think that this is a really cute way to get their customers excited about new products as well as give them an incentive to buy. If you’re a Texan, I highly recommend looking at their website and through their merchandise. The prices are really affordable and make anyone proud to be a Texan. Texas (Humor) Forever!