As most of you know by now, same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Many of the conservatives of America are outraged that the Supreme Court would allow such a law to be passed. One couple, Nick and Sarah Jensen, even threatened to get a divorce if they had to live in a world with same-sex marriage. This is due to the fact that they are devout Christians and don’t feel as though same-sex marriage abides by the structure of their religion. They have just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and claim to be happily married, yet aren’t willing to go by what the government now considers marriage. However, they claim they will still live together and have more children, and even call each other husband and wife, makes sense doesn’t it? (Check out the link above for their full story)

Needless to say, the Jensen’s weren’t the only ones jumping to conclusions about the nation’s new law. One man, Don Stair, was outraged that the NBC television station would change their logo to accommodate the LGBT community. As many know, the LGBT community uses the rainbow to represent pride. In case you aren’t familiar with NBC’s logo here’s what it looks like:


Now I’ve taken several advertising classes which have specific course days that focus on logos, and as a graphic design student I’ve studied several company logos throughout the years. Despite my knowledge in this field, just from strictly watching TV, I know that this is NBC’s only logo that has existed in my lifetime. Even in the article linked above about Don, they claim this logo has been around since 1986. Just for fun I decided to Google the evolution of their logo:


Despite this easily accessible information, Don decided to let his local NBC station know via Facebook that he wasn’t going to stand for it:


KARK 4 News let Don gently know he was incorrect, and they simply informed him that their logo hadn’t been recently changed. (See above link to view their response and full story) Overall, as a nation, I believe we need to focus on our own personal lives and not be so concerned with what others are doing, especially in regards to a news station logo.