(Photo courtesy of Boston Love Fest)

Pizza is a super food. By that I mean, pizza is super delicious, super popular, and super enjoyable. Almost everyone loves pizza, am I right? I am probably one of the most picky eaters in all of America, hating everything from peanut butter to bacon. Even if I wanted to list all the things I don’t enjoy, we simply don’t have the time. I’m that picky. That being said, I still love pizza! Pineapple, thin crust pizza to be specific, no pepperoni on these taste buds! My favorite pineapple thin crust pizza comes from a college-student-friendly chain we know as Domino’s. There are many things that are great about Domino’s, but my two personal favorite aspects are that I can get 2 medium one topping pizzas for $12, and I can have it delivered to my house until 2 a.m. And let me tell you, i’m not the only 22 year old ordering pizza in the wee hours of the morning.

As a regular Domino’s customer, this morning I received one their frequent promotional emails.  I opened my email app and the subject line read: “Open for the AFTER, AFTER dinner crowd” and I smiled. I am passionate about good advertising and marketing so I am constantly critiquing these things in a way most other people wouldn’t. Although I knew the email would be a notification of their late night services, I opened it anyways because they already pulled me in with the subject line, and I was not disappointed.


I just absolutely love how they are using these clever sayings to appeal to the college-age students like myself who order late night pies. Even though this email was read at 11:27am, I was already thinking ahead to tonight and how I would like to order a pizza from Domino’s after I get off my late shift of waiting tables. Because let’s face it, i’m tired, my feet will be killing me (so delivery is a must), and my pizza is always high quality when I order from there. So kudos Domino’s, for your clever advertising and marketing as well as your heavenly thin crust pizza. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!