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I know, I know, almost all of my posts are about food but what can I say? I really love food. Especially Buffalo Wild Wings! They never disappoint me. They have the best honey barbecue wings on the planet and a tall Angry Orchard is the perfect pairing after a long day at work.

So what about them? Usually, I’m not really impressed with the ads on Facebook. I see them and hardly give them a second thought. Except when they are B-Dubs ads. I mean just look at this ad and tell me you don’t want to go there now!

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Even the wording convinced me! After all it was 1:30. All of their ads on Facebook are photos of either delicious wings or ice cold beer. I think it’s a great idea and it doesn’t make them come across as desperate.

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The simplicity of the photo above shows exactly what I’m talking about. They aren’t trying to push specials on you or try to beg you to come in. They’re simply giving you a reason to. I think if more chain restaurants took this approach, they may have success like Buffalo Wild Wings. Well I’m not sure if it’s an overall success of the company, but they won me over at least! (No surprise, haha)


Pre-Treat Soak, Treat Soak

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For my post today I wanted to shift to a TV ad. I am an avid watcher of Hulu, and despite the fact that I have a subscription, they still force me to watch ads. Usually they annoy me to no end, even though I love ads! I think I’m so annoyed because they constantly play the same ones over and over again. And then, there was the exception. The Tide Pods ad. The first time I watched this ad I belly-laughed, which is pretty rare with an advertisement for me.

If you haven’t seen the ad, it’s two women whom are friends having a casual conversation. One of the women is uptight and even comes off as a little OCD. The other woman seems more laid back. The uptight woman is putting away her groceries when her friend notices she bought Tide Pods. She’s shocked to learn that her friend doesn’t use her tried and true method, the “pre-treat soak, treat soak.” I don’t want to ruin the whole thing for you, so I’ll let you watch for yourself here. (Spoiler alert: I belly-laughed right around 16 seconds.)

All in all, great job Tide for making me actually laugh and also making my Hulu binge-watch sessions a little more enjoyable.

Target Trophy Tizzy

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This morning I received my daily email from Yahoo Mail, known as “Your Daily Yahoo.” Anyone with a Yahoo email account should recognize what I’m talking about, unless you’ve unsubscribed. Usually all of the stories are about the Kardashians and the red carpet, but today there was something unlike the usual tabloid junk. Apparently, Target is under massive scrutiny for the screen print tee picture above.

Just a few days ago I was shopping at Target and actually saw this shirt for myself in person. It was in a collection of other t-shirts the read things like “Bride,” “Wifey” and “Mrs.” I personally thought nothing of it, except why can’t my boyfriend propose to me already so I can wear cute screen printed tees. I went about my shopping and didn’t give it a second thought. So today, I was definitely interested to read why this shirt had become such a big deal.

As a disclaimer, I will say that as a woman, I am 250% for equal rights. I, in no way support misogyny and am a very independent woman myself. I also, however, have heard the term “trophy wife” several times in my life, starting at a very young age, so I am familiar with the meaning and what this shirt is portraying. When I think of this term, I think back to the 50’s and the picture perfect housewife, a June Cleaver if you will.

Photo Courtesy: Google Images
Photo Courtesy: Google Images

So upon opening up and reading the story, I had my own biases. So what if a woman wants to wear a shirt that says “Trophy” and what if she does think of herself that way? Maybe she just wants to wear this on their honeymoon to let people know about her newlywed status. I proceed to open and read about how many see this t-shirt as anti-feminist and how it sends the wrong message to young girls who shop at Target. Target stands by their product with claims that they never intended to offend anyone and that it’s just a silly little tee that was made for fun. Many showed support, and many also showed outrage. In the end, I feel like as a society we have come so far from June Cleaver days, that it may just be best to let the brides wear their “Trophy” tees if they want, and inform the young girls of our society that they are not prizes to be obtained. By banning the shirt, it’s essentially telling women they can’t wear something and that is a step in the wrong direction for the feminist movement. Check out Yahoo’s coverage here and let me know what you think!

Think Outside the Bun

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Taco Bell. Some of us hate it, some of us love it, some of us hate to love it. Any way you slice it, I don’t think anyone loves Taco Bell more than a young man named Justin. I first discovered Justin and his story from an ad on Hulu. I learned that Justin was so into Taco Bell’s Beefy Crunch Burrito that he would make the ultimate sacrifice; a Beefy Crunch tattoo.

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Hey at least it’s good quality. Don’t worry though, Justin’s permanent ode was not vein. He initially tweeted Taco Bell, asking them to bring his favorite savory burrito back to stores earlier than expected in exchange for a beefy tattoo. He went ahead and took a leap of faith, not even sure if Taco Bell would respond. Lucky for him they did. Check out the fully story here. What I learned about Taco Bell from this awesome act was that they have an amazing PR/Social Media manager, and ultimately want to see their customers happy. They then took this event and turned it into a commercial advertisement, genius! Live Mas, Taco Bell!

Eat Mor Chikin

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Every year, Chick-Fil-A hosts “Cow Appreciation Day” for their most loyal customers. If you haven’t heard, you must dress like a cow and show up to your local Chickfila on their set day for a free meal. This year, it took place on Tuesday, July 14th. It always takes place on a Tuesday, and partial costumes do not qualify. Check out the FAQ’s and official rules here. At any rate, I love to see everyone’s costumes, although I’ve never participated myself. Here are a few examples of the costumes I took from Chickfila’s website, you can see more at the link above.


I chose to write about Cow Appreciation Day because I think Chickfila is a very unique company, in that they remain very traditional, both in their values as well as the way they operate. For example, in my lifetime they haven’t changed their logo and they do no commercial advertising. They’re menu has hardly changed, because people love what is tried and true. Their methods have really worked for them and I think Cow Appreciation Day is a great way to get their customers involved and excited about a little change from the norm. Eat Mor Chikin!

What A Burger! Just Like You Like It

Oh, Whataburger. There are very few things a Texan loves more than Whataburger. I am no exception. It is the In-N-Out to a Californian, and one of the few places in Texas that is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Besides that, the food is absolutely to die for. Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits, Breakfast Taquitos and Honey Barbecue Chicken Strip Sandwiches may sound strange and foreign to you, but these are common in Texan vocabulary.

However, for this post I wanted to focus on a recent collaboration they began with the Don’t Mess With Texas team. You may have heard of the phrase “Don’t Mess With Texas,” they’re an anti-littering campaign for the great Lone Star State. When I was in Texas about three weeks ago, I had to make my obligatory Whataburger pit stop (or 5). And I saw this…


I was thrilled! As a graphic design major I was pleased to see the shape of the state.(Remember our obsession from the previous post?) I loved the way they incorporated the Whataburger sign into it and obviously the word “y’all,” as that is a proper pronoun in Texas. To sum it all up, I really enjoyed seeing this dynamic duo together, it’s a neat reminder to save that yellow wrapper and orange-striped bag until the next trashcan to keep our state beautiful.


It may not look like much, but to a Texan, it’s a little slice of heaven. Even my dog knows it’s sacred.


The Stars at Night are Big and Bright…

Photos courtesy of Texas Humor

As a native Texan I can personally say that there’s nothing Texans love more than Texas. We love everything that has to do with Texas, symbolizes Texas, and especially all things Texas-shaped. So this post is going to focus on one of my favorite Texas companies and their marketing/advertising strategies.

Oh, where to start with Texas Humor. I found this company from an Instagram page believe it or not. They have hilarious posts that anyone from Texas can totally relate to. From our taco obsession to the hotter-than-hell summers, all Texans that follow this page are sure to get a great laugh. They aren’t just an Instagram page however. They are a clothing company that makes screen print tees, hats, and decals like the one pictured above, so naturally, Texans are obsessed. This evening I got an email from them and the subject line read; “You can trust me…” Intrigued, I opened the email and saw this image:


It’s hard to read, but in fine print in the top left corner it says “Seriously y,all….” and then the shirt says “Trust me. I’m Texan” and pictured below the photo was a code for 10% off. I think that this is a really cute way to get their customers excited about new products as well as give them an incentive to buy. If you’re a Texan, I highly recommend looking at their website and through their merchandise. The prices are really affordable and make anyone proud to be a Texan. Texas (Humor) Forever!

In Pizza We Crust.


(Photo courtesy of Boston Love Fest)

Pizza is a super food. By that I mean, pizza is super delicious, super popular, and super enjoyable. Almost everyone loves pizza, am I right? I am probably one of the most picky eaters in all of America, hating everything from peanut butter to bacon. Even if I wanted to list all the things I don’t enjoy, we simply don’t have the time. I’m that picky. That being said, I still love pizza! Pineapple, thin crust pizza to be specific, no pepperoni on these taste buds! My favorite pineapple thin crust pizza comes from a college-student-friendly chain we know as Domino’s. There are many things that are great about Domino’s, but my two personal favorite aspects are that I can get 2 medium one topping pizzas for $12, and I can have it delivered to my house until 2 a.m. And let me tell you, i’m not the only 22 year old ordering pizza in the wee hours of the morning.

As a regular Domino’s customer, this morning I received one their frequent promotional emails.  I opened my email app and the subject line read: “Open for the AFTER, AFTER dinner crowd” and I smiled. I am passionate about good advertising and marketing so I am constantly critiquing these things in a way most other people wouldn’t. Although I knew the email would be a notification of their late night services, I opened it anyways because they already pulled me in with the subject line, and I was not disappointed.


I just absolutely love how they are using these clever sayings to appeal to the college-age students like myself who order late night pies. Even though this email was read at 11:27am, I was already thinking ahead to tonight and how I would like to order a pizza from Domino’s after I get off my late shift of waiting tables. Because let’s face it, i’m tired, my feet will be killing me (so delivery is a must), and my pizza is always high quality when I order from there. So kudos Domino’s, for your clever advertising and marketing as well as your heavenly thin crust pizza. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

Land of the Free, Home of the Offended

As most of you know by now, same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Many of the conservatives of America are outraged that the Supreme Court would allow such a law to be passed. One couple, Nick and Sarah Jensen, even threatened to get a divorce if they had to live in a world with same-sex marriage. This is due to the fact that they are devout Christians and don’t feel as though same-sex marriage abides by the structure of their religion. They have just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and claim to be happily married, yet aren’t willing to go by what the government now considers marriage. However, they claim they will still live together and have more children, and even call each other husband and wife, makes sense doesn’t it? (Check out the link above for their full story)

Needless to say, the Jensen’s weren’t the only ones jumping to conclusions about the nation’s new law. One man, Don Stair, was outraged that the NBC television station would change their logo to accommodate the LGBT community. As many know, the LGBT community uses the rainbow to represent pride. In case you aren’t familiar with NBC’s logo here’s what it looks like:


Now I’ve taken several advertising classes which have specific course days that focus on logos, and as a graphic design student I’ve studied several company logos throughout the years. Despite my knowledge in this field, just from strictly watching TV, I know that this is NBC’s only logo that has existed in my lifetime. Even in the article linked above about Don, they claim this logo has been around since 1986. Just for fun I decided to Google the evolution of their logo:


Despite this easily accessible information, Don decided to let his local NBC station know via Facebook that he wasn’t going to stand for it:


KARK 4 News let Don gently know he was incorrect, and they simply informed him that their logo hadn’t been recently changed. (See above link to view their response and full story) Overall, as a nation, I believe we need to focus on our own personal lives and not be so concerned with what others are doing, especially in regards to a news station logo.

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